Attorney Marketing Events


Do you need more business but don't want to be a salesperson? Have you spent too much money and time on expensive marketing experts that don't produce results?

I am a marketing expert and have worked with customers of all industries helping them increase their business. I understand the legal profession in a way that marketing professionals do not. It's a long story. My father was an attorney, I clerked in his firm, I was on the debate team in high school and college (USC) competing at the highest levels with some of what are now some of the nation's leading legal minds. I was pre-law in college. As a result of all that conditioning, a huge percentage of my clients in my real estate career have been attorneys. I came to realize that I can help my clients increase their business by sharing simple, effective, and most typically FREE marketing techniques that we use every day in real estate.

I am NOT selling a program, a video series, or offering a coaching service. I will show you in 90 minutes activities you can put into practice immediately that should increase your business by 25%.

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