Attorney Services

Attorney Services

1. Bankruptcy Sales

I can help you game plan and/or counsel your clients on strategies when considering chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcies.

2. Real Estate Sales, including Probate & Trust Sales, Short Sales negotiation, and handling Real Estate Owned (REO)

I am sold almost every type of property in almost every type of scenario, so I can help you evaluate the broadest set of options for your clients. In addition to helping you and/or your client game plan options pre-sale, I can also help with post-closing services such as trash out, declutter, rehabilitation of the property, staging the property for sale, relocation assistance, evictions, and more.

3. Divorce sales

I am the son of a former divorce attorney, so I know the importance of confidentiality, fiduciary duty, and can be an additional set of eyes and ears in the situation.

4. Concierge Services

Including accommodation recordings, vesting or deeds, real estate research, and arranging notary services

5. Marketing Services for Attorneys

As a real estate marketing expert, I can help you improve your practice's business with simple, effective, and most often inexpensive or free tools to help you reach more people who are looking for your services.


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