Probate Data Sources

LINK to Youtube Video


Foreclosures Daily

Use promo code BG3005 for a discount of 20-30% and ask for the free book!

They have both Pre Probate Data and Probate Data for almost all the US


All the Leads

Full package; they offer coaching, certification, websites, mailing service, callers

Best Free Training is their Youtube channel;


Probate Money

Paul Horn, leading Los Angeles probate attorney; website includes some good marketing and training material. Paul is also the author of the California Association of Realtor certification program for Probate and Trust Specialist. Here is an interview I did with Vlad, the CTO of Probate Money. . If you sign up, I do not get any revenue, but you will get an extra 200 downloads a month if you use the code BillGross



Also have foreclosure, tax sales, other sources


Probate data ; 

562-425-7157 ;


US PRobate Leads; ; 888-756-1372 ; they charge $175 for 25 leads a month with higher plans for more;


Rebo Gateway;

866.887.0206 ; ;

Successors Data;

909-315-5330 ; ;

Find Probate; new service, gives free 7 day trial

646-658-7370 ;;


J. Holt & Associates

503-860-2460 ; ; ; limited counties, but check if yours is included